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released 2017 June 1:
Event of January 4, 2017: GW170104: total mass 50

released 2016 June 15:
Event of December 26, 2015: GW151226: total mass 22

released 2016 June 15:
Candidate event of October 12, 2015: LVT151012: total mass 37

released 2016 Feb 11:
Event of September 14, 2015: GW150914: total mass 65

The LIGO Laboratory's Data Management Plan describes the scope and timing of LIGO data releases.

Jupyter notebook
See the new tutorial on signal processing with LIGO data, as a Jupyter (iPython) notebook.
Tutorial on Binary Black Hole Signals in LIGO Open Data

Hanford Observatory
LIGO Hanford Observatory, Washington (image: C.Gray)
Livingston Observatory
LIGO Livingston Observatory, Louisiana (image: J.Giaime)

The observatories are built and operated by the LIGO Laboratory (California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology) with participation by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, and are supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation.