Details about the O1 data set

This page contains some technical specifications of a LIGO data set. For a more general description, see the LIGO Data page or the tutorials.

Internal Version Number 1
Release Version Number 1

Description: The O1 open data, Sep 2015 - Jan 2016
Each file in this dataset has duration 4096 seconds, meaning 16777216 samples in the strain h(t) time series, and 4096 points in the data quality time series. There are 7 bits in the data quality bitmask, and 5 bits in the injection bitmask. When one of these data bits is set to 1 at some time, it means the data are "good" at that time: that it passes a test, or there are no hardware injections.

BitShort NameDescription
Data Quality Bits
0 DATA data present
1 CBC_CAT1 passes the cbc CAT1 test
2 CBC_CAT2 passes cbc CAT2 test
3 CBC_CAT3 passes cbc CAT3 test
4 BURST_CAT1 passes burst CAT1 test
5 BURST_CAT2 passes burst CAT2 test
6 BURST_CAT3 passes burst CAT3 test
Injection Bits
0 NO_CBC_HW_INJ no cbc injection
1 NO_BURST_HW_INJ no burst injections
2 NO_DETCHAR_HW_INJ no detchar injections
3 NO_CW_HW_INJ no continuous wave injections
4 NO_STOCH_HW_INJ no stoch injections
Note: This information is also available as JSON.