Skymap Viewer

A sky atlas for understanding LIGO-Virgo skymaps. Help here, or watch a video about Skymap Viewer. Plenty simulated skymaps here. If you do not see the big dark sky map, look below and widen your browser. Zoom with the + and - at the right of the sky.
For Skymaps CLICK HERE. This panel will change to show contour lines (legend) showing sky-location probability density for the gravitational-wave event, with the date-time section showing the time of the event. There will also be a histogram showing the declination/latitude probability.

Observation Targets

  • Choose one or more catalogs above
  • Double-click in any Target square for source information (pink box above) and a centered display for zooming
  • Make Target squares smaller larger
  • Observation priorities as a table
  • Zoomable Multiwavelength Sky

    Use the selector below to choose the sky background. Select the DSS rather than Mellinger to get better fine detail.


    S equatorial N S galactic N

    Time and Place

    Universal time
    E Longitude Latitude

    Sun = and = Moon

    Sky Projection