Current skymap catalogs are:

Each will show a skymap, with probability contours on the sky, the position of the sun and moon at any time after the event, a variety of image surveys, with deep zoom. Under "Observation Targets" are relevant catalogs. Checking a box shows sources from a catalog with the size of the symbol proportional to the prior for each source multiplied by the skymap likelihood. Catalogs for binary neutron star follow-up have a prior based on blue magnitude, and catalogs for binary black holes have a prior based on the mass of each source object. The LIGO-Virgo Skymap viewer runs in a browser with no software to install, and is built with AladinLite.

The "Going The Distance" Collection

This set of simulated skymaps taken from the Going the Distance collection have distance information as a point-by-point mean and standard deviation. The Skymap Viewer will then have a blue text top left, with the overal distance estimate of the 3D skymap. There are a lot more skymaps available at the table of 250 3D skymaps, or the

The First2Years Collection

The list below shows a few skymaps taken from the First2Years simulated data, for compact binary Coalescence (CBC) sources. There are a lot more skymaps available at the table of 1605 2D skymaps, or the

  • The profusion of concentric fringes is typical of HV and LV events (Figure 11) Rapid , PE
  • This event consists of triggers in H and L and has a network SNR of 13.4. The rapid sky localization gives a 90% conīŦdence region with an area of 1170 deg2 and the full stochastic sampler gives 515 deg2 (Figure 10a and 10b) Rapid , PE
  • A single, long, thin island exhibiting the forked-tongue morphology (Figure 7) Rapid , PE
  • The skymap is bimodal with two long, thin islands of probability. Neither mode is strongly favored over the other. Each island is forked like a snake's tongue, with one fork corresponding to the binary having face-on inclination and the other fork corresponding to face-off. (Figure 6) Rapid, PE
Here are a number of other skymaps taken from the same data releases.

Gallery of Skymaps